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February 13 2018


Martin Law P.C.

Martin Law P.C.
732 S. 6th Street, #202
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 707-2787


Martin Law P.C. is run by Jon Martin, Esq., and is proudly located in downtown Vegas. By hiring my law firm, I will quash your arrest warrants, fix your traffic citations (in many cases you will get no points, and you'll not be required to go to traffic school ), get you a fresh start via personal bankruptcy, defend you if you have been charged for a DUI, and represent you if you were injured because of another parties negligence. Bankruptcy Filing I will only work with debtors in bankruptcy, where (if proper) I file chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies for my clients. Chapter 7 is for the majority of debtors that have low wages while Chapter 13 is mostly for consumers who either earn an excessive amount of income, which results in them not be able to be qualified for the chapter 7. Additionally, the Chapter 13 is also used for debtors to help them stop foreclosure as the Chapter 13 allows the filer to get caught up on any past due mortgage payments. Criminal Defense When it comes to my criminal practice, I'll quash your active warrant; so, you will not need to fret over being pulled over by the police and jailed. Call now and don't forget to inquire about our cost-free warrant search. On top of that, I also fix your traffic citations. In many cases, I'll have the means to get you no points, and you will not even need to attend traffic school.

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